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It’s Fund A Wish Season at Martha & Mary!

Blending holiday joy with giving, Fund A Wish connects generous donors like you with children, seniors, and families in our care.

Here are three stories based on real people just like those who rely on Martha & Mary for essential care and programs.  Our multi-service mission touches the lives of thousands of children and seniors, and the families that love them.  These are people just like Carly, Robert, and Leslie, whose stories capture the essence of our impact on the greater Kitsap region.  From birth to end of life, Martha & Mary is your trusted care partner.

Every Fund A Wish contribution helps increase the impact of our mission of caring.  Thank you for making wishes come true.



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Lynette L. Ladenburg                                                               Paula A. Rimmer

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**The stories below are based upon real Martha & Mary clients and employees.**


Children like Carly…
A Wish for Books for Early Learners

Carly, age seven, lives with grandma,
who has legal custody.  There she
found relief from her birth family’s
disruptive home life, but it had left
ts mark.  It was hard for Carly to trust
people.  Fear and lack of confidence
led to disruptive behaviors that put
her behind at school.


Carly’s grandma enrolled her in
Martha & Mary’s before and after
school program.  The extra support
from M&M teachers, who carefully assessed  Carly’s needs, focused initially on gaining her trust.  To help Carly catch up, they read books together and made sure
                                                                                         Carly took part in the school’s  
                                                                                         reading lab.  Carly’s reading,
                                                                                         attention span, and behavior
                                                                                         steadily improve.  The child that
                                                                                         previously could not sit still now
                                                                                         makes a beeline for the reading


                                                                                         Today, Carly is an avid reader,
                                                                                         thanks to her teachers, a better
                                                                                         home environment, and the
                                                                                         consistent care of M&M KIDS.

Books for Early Learners

Books and learning to read go hand in hand.  At M&M, our need for books is constant.  Many little hands touch our books, and we must replace soiled or torn books daily.  You can help young readers keep reading and supply M&M KIDS classrooms with books for young learners from infants to 5th graders.

Please consider a contribution
to the Books for Early
Learners Wish.



A New EKG Machine

Replacing M&M’s EKG machine supports best practices in senior healthcare.  Tools like an EKG machine allow staff to diagnose issues and prevent unnecessary and intrusive procedures, and treat patients in place.  You can help fragile seniors and their caregivers detect health problems quicker and provide peace
of mind to patient families
with a donation to help
fund a new EKG machine.


Please consider a
contribution to the
EKG Machine Wish.

Seniors Like Robert… 
A Wish for A New EKG Machine 
﷯Robert came to live at Martha & Mary due to complications of COPD and diabetes. With no family available to care for him, his health had declined. He urgently needed the supervision and nursing care that M&M provides. M&M’s EKG machine has helped Robert’s caregivers monitor and diagnose his health condition. He especially appreciates having this equipment on site. That way he does not have to wait for a cardiologist appointment, and the results come back quickly. But M&M’s EKG machine has reached its service life. With all the technology, a new machine will provide more accurate and detailed results. Robert’s wish for M&M and for all the seniors in our 
care is for a new EKG machine. Robert and many 
other M&M residents would benefit from this 
important new equipment and its technological 



Nurses, nursing assistants and other

caregivers are the lifeblood of nursing

facilities like Martha & Mary.  Training is

crucial to excellent care, whether it’s an

entry level CNA class or special sessions with experts. Attracting new workers is a challenge, and so is keeping up with new care practices, technology, and government regulations.  You can develop new caregivers and help M&M nursing staff update their skills with a gift for Training.

Please consider a contribution to the

Training and Career Wish.


Families like Leslie and Her Children…

A Wish for Training
and Rewarding Career


Single mom Leslie desperately
needed a new job to support
her young children, ages three to
eight.  During her job search she
found M&M’s Certified Nursing
Assistant (CNA) training program. 
This tuition-free class was perfect. 
Leslie wanted a career in health
care, but could not afford nursing


That was three years ago.

 Today, Leslie loves to tell people how that CNA class transformed her life.  She found a home and a calling at M&M and she loves helping our senior residents and her colleagues.  She’s grateful for the way her CNA teachers invested in her.  As M&M presents her with career opportunities, Leslie leans in, masters new skills and is ready for more.  In gratitude, she is committed to M&M and the seniors in our care –
it feels good to be in a career that gives back to
the community.



With your tax deductible donation, you are investing in our future
and changing the lives of people like Carly, Robert and Leslie.


Please join our mission this holiday season
and help make our world a better place.




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